Why Should I use Eco Link Group's services?

Here are some of the benefits you will get from Eco Link Group:

1- Premium and tailored investment advise on how to enter a new market with a new idea or existing project as you’ll leverage our team’s expertise in conducting the necessary due diligence, market study for that country or region, or choose from our pre-qualified existing and vetted projects, saving you headache, time and most importantly minimizing your risk.   

2- Meet the right match for you. Whether you are an investor or a project entrepreneur after we match you and your project with the most suitable party at industry-specific level.

3- Get introduced to high caliber entrepreneurs and businesses in our network after passing the vetting process.

4- Get up to date with our business opportunities, as our team keeps exploring new ventures and unique businesses and projects, in addition to cultivating new relationships and alliances in many regions worldwide.    

The details on the party who will be funding your project or idea will only be disclosed once you have signed the required NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) NCA (Non-Compete Agreement), passed the vetting process after supplying the required documents to our team and have received the approval for your project.

Your confidentiality is the most important thing for us, this is your right, and we totally understand such concerns. As part of our standard practices with all our partners we DO NOT discuss nor share anything related to clients ideas or projects specifics before all parties have signed a strong NDA (non-disclosure), NCA (non-compete) agreements.

All data pertaining to any ideas are kept closely guarded and encrypted if data has been shared by the data owner. If no deal has been made within the defined contract agreement period; or one party decided to withdraw. Any party can send a written request to Eco Link Group to have their shared documents data for that project erased permanently.

This all depends on the project type, in some regions there can be startup projects that requires no more than USD $15,000 –  USD $30,000.

Again, there this no maximum limit either for projects. If you are planning to build a production factory in the Netherlands, you could be looking for a serious funding, compared to building it in South America. It depends on the type of project and region, workforce, etc.

The funding service is available in many regions around the world. The approved country list can change over time, depending on the Geo-political risk, economic factors, stringent laws and logistical factors, unfriendly investment laws. Currently, funding of projects is not available in the following countries:

United States of America, Canada, Britain, Australia and Turkey.

No, investor needs to wire funds according to contract agreement forms to project’s fund directly via reputable banks or financial institutions only.

Note: Eco Link Group will never ask nor instruct any investor to send any investment funds for any of our proposed projects directly to us. Investment funding payments are executed directly between the investor and project/ entrepreneurs/ startups as part of their contract signed agreement documents.

As for our management fees; they will be clearly mentioned in those contract agreements signed by both parties (investor – projects) as part of our deal management services and there will be clear guidelines on the payment details for Eco Link Group in an addendum depending on the type of deal management service we are providing whether it is ongoing or on a one time basis.

Usually, it takes around 14 working days. As soon as we receive the pre-qualification form details, included supporting documents for your project such as business plan, financial study, market study, etc. we will study those documents internally, start the process of matching you with the best investor in our network. Upon signing NDA/NCA with them we could disclose certain aspects of your projects for them to review on your project, after receiving their feedback. We can coordinate for an initial meeting between you and your investor to dive in more details.