Proposed Projects

Products & Services

Al Borj Restaurants

High quality Halal restaurants across the Netherlands, bringing a rich menu consisting of Middle Eastern, Turkish and fast food options while maintaining the same quality across all branches.

Holland Genetics BV

A leading company in the Netherlands that specializes in vegetable seed breeding and development in addition to organic fertilizer made for professional growers to produce high sustainable quality crops.

Kulalac Laboratory

A well established international leader in utilizing the best scientific and research standards in the field to producing the highest of quality milk for infants.

Fiber Solution

A premium grade pure fiber product, that is researched and developed in Japan. It is highly soluble, transparent, tasteless, and beneficial as part of any healthy diet life style.


Specialise in producing bio-degradable compostable food packaging items such as high quality injection, thermoformed, Kraft and white Bristol paper at competitive prices.

Planet Noor

A Netherlands leader in sustainable and renewable energy project management, focusing on solar panels installation and generating energy utilizing a cutting-edge technology to achieve long-term returns on energy that being generate by the customers.


A proprietary dye powder developed and produced in Japan that can be used with all types of paint to insulate surfaces and reflect sun heat; to reduce rising energy costs and preserving the environment.

Football Clubs

We have strategic connections and alliances enabling us to find the hidden gem of new promising football clubs who got the talent and huge potential of becoming a recognized name in the Spanish league.

Vitamin Deficiency Tester

The portable device is in R&D stage it helps people measure certain vitamins low levels or deficiencies in their system by providing them with a clear reading to take action.

Building Materials Export

Through our collaboration and presence in Spain with our business partners, we have the best quality Spanish building materials especially ceramic; for export internationally supplying various projects.

Consultancy Services

Eco Link Group (Spain), is our southern arm in Europe where we run several business activities such as building material export, food services, business consultancy services, digital marketing and more.